Hello everyone!! For my PR 324 class, we are paired up in a group of four making our own “pr firm”. Our company name is KELT Co. We are teamed up with the SCVNGR application located on the smart phones to promote their app to different retail stores. Buffalo Wild Wings is already signed up and so is Sears. Our goal is to get all different retail stores here in morgantown to want to take advantage of the rewards and be involved with SCVNGR.

—SCVNGR is a casual, mobile, social game.  It uses geo-location or geo-tracking ad is attached to other social media applications such as Facebook and Twitter.Founded in 2008 by Seth Priebatson while attending Princeton.  SCVNGR has clients ranging from national brands like the New England Patriots, New York Times, and Journey’s.
We want to bring SCVNGR to these retail businesses and help launch this amazing new social media, GPS check-in game. There is no worry about not being able to use this application because we will show them how to use it. SCVNGR is very easy to use and the companies are going to see immediate results for the number of new customers they will potentially have. We will do everything in our power to insure that SCVNGR lives up to the expectations we have given.
This project is important for the jumpstart of my career since it requires to use client relations and promotional tactics that I will need for my future job. Being paired with SCVNGR will also help me know how to handle work with other companies. This is a great experience that I am ready to start.

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